Oil Paintings by Dave Goldman

Artist Statement

I use oil paint with traditional techniques including wet-on-wet and dry-brush blending, scumbling, and glazing. I only use old-fashioned bristle brushes to create flowing, ethereal effects. Princeton brushes and Gamblin oil paints are some of my favorites. I also use palette knives for developing textural effects.

These landscapes and seascape paintings are imaginary scenes that I conjure in the studio. My paintings are inspired by my relationships with oceans, forests, grasslands, mountains, deserts, and female form. The strategy is generally to just start painting, invent and explore as I work, and see where it takes me.

My boyhood wanderings in the woods and messing about in boats led me to initially pursue professions in biology and oceanography. A more creative side eventually resurfaced, and now all of my attention is focused on art. I explore many environments of the American wilderness as a naturalist and artist, and my paintings express my fascination with these wild places.

-Dave Goldman

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dave goldman, miami alumnus, university of miami, marine biology

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Artwork copyright Dave Goldman.
Artist statement from Asheville artist Dave Goldman.
Landscape oil painting from Asheville, North Carolina.

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